Exposure 09

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Exposure 2009

Here is my Exposure from season 2009

A cover shot on Document snowboard magazine. december issue.
the feature was from the nike acg press trip. The branding isn't great.

4 shots on a full page.

double page spread

in the run up to the london freeze i was featured in a lot of mainstream press as i am a LG rider

this is a full page in T3 gadget magazine. a magazine with large distribution. the shot has clear branding

the observer national newspaper. clear branding

a video on the MSN homepage.

the Telegraph website. a high profile page which receives a lot of traffic. clear branding.

an basic instructional artical in the Easy jet inflight magazine

lots of clear branding

News of the world homepage. clear branding

www.shortlist.com clear branding

Sport IQ magazine.

The sunday Times national newspaper.

the telegraph website.

another from the telegraph website.

Shots for the financial times magazine and website. i dont actually have a copy of the feature.

instructional artical in Whitelines magazine. clear branding.

this is all of the media exposure i have for now. i will add more as i get it.
to see videos, visit: http://mpora.com/wakeham

i also had a video on the LG website: http://www.londonfreeze.com/lg/blog.php